A Bold Vision,
A Road Map to Success

At the PURCON Group, we believe an inspiring Vision and Mission is the blueprint for continuous growth and success. It creates alignment within the ranks, promotes shared awareness that encourages people to do their best, and is a powerful unifying factor that drives quality and excellence.

PURCON are lifestyle innovators. We seek to go beyond construction, and towards enriching living experiences for all our stakeholders. We are always adaptive and tailor our services to changing socio-economic and environmental needs.

Our Mission

PURCON built its success on a foundation of bold ambition. Through a regularly reviewed set of visions and missions, we always seek to constantly improve what we offer:

Malaysia's Finest

To become Malaysia’s and then Asia’s finest construction group and property developer.

Grow and Deliver

To always grow our collective capabilities, experiences, skills and expertise to deliver game-changing results.

Improve All Aspects

To continuously improve in all aspects while remaining relevant to current trends, demands and lifestyles.

Mind & Act

To always think and act progressively towards achieving the extraordinary.

Inspire & Motivate

To inspire and motivate our people by committing toward PURCON’s People Initiatives, where we balance personal achievements with business success, all whilst putting in place processes that promote new skillsets ad worldviews.


To uphold our reputation for being highly efficient, reliable and commited to the quality and intergrity of our ventures.