PURCON - Property Developer

Since 1975, our passion for property has driven us to go beyond construction, and towards enriching your lifestyle experiences. As the lifestyle innovators with more than 40 years of experiences in development and construction industries, we build remarkable landed
properties; residential buildings. To allow you to immerse in the lifestyle you dream of and bring
quality living in terms of mind, body and soul to you.

Why choose PURCON?

Exceeding our customers’ expectations and satisfactions are our main concerns in developing
your ideal home. PURCON build stunning houses with excellent layout plan that offer you
serenity and tranquility lifestyle. Our blueprint projects are standardized with our innovative
designs, such as:

Concreted and spacious car porch.

High ceiling.

Tall and wide glass windows.

Open floor plan layout.

Fully ceramic tiled bathrooms and kitchen walls.

Big entrance door.

By implementing a present-day lifestyle design and concept, our houses could be your ideal
home for you to embark on a quality and innovative lifestyle.